Do you like scary TV shows?

From the big screen to the little screen.  With the same theme of teenagers talking about slasher films while being stalked by a ghost face killer.  The writers of the series seem to have adapted with the times as the original film was released in 1996 and creepy phone calls have been replaced with text messages. 

Bella Thorne who plays Nina Patterson in the “Scream” series, announced the premiere date and introduced the first look preview Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards.

The “Scream” series, which brings together a new group of teens also stars Willa Fitzgerald (“Alpha House,” “Royal Pains”), Amy Forsyth (“Torment,” “Reign”), John Karna (“Premature,” “The Neighbors”), Carlson Young (“Key and Peele,” “The Kroll Show”) and Amadeus Serafini.





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